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SAS Analytics Software

by SAS

Product Information  

SAS Analytics Software

Category: Advanced Analytics Platforms

Product Description

Predict and improve. Anticipate and solve. Your formula for success.

You’ve got data. You’ve got questions. But how do you find the answers you need to solve your most difficult problems? It’s easy. SAS Analytics. Because with SAS, you can reveal patterns and anomalies. Identify variables and relationships. Predict future events. Select the best courses of action. You can use data and analytics to get new insights and make decisions based on facts you’ve discovered. That leads to success.

Vendor Information


Some people see data as facts and figures. But it’s more than that. It’s the lifeblood of your business. It tells the history of your organization. And it’s trying to tell you something.

SAS helps you make sense of the message. As the leader in business analytics software and services, SAS transforms your data into insights that give you a fresh perspective on your business. You can identify what’s working. Fix what isn’t. And discover new opportunities.

We help organizations turn large amounts of data into knowledge they can use, and we do it better than anyone. It’s no wonder an overwhelming majority of customers continue to use SAS year after year. We believe it’s because we hire great people to create great software and services.