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Revolution R Enterprise

by Revolution Analytics

Product Information  

Revolution R Enterprise

Category: Advanced Analytics Platforms

Product Description

Scales Analytics Beyond the Reach of Legacy Tools

Statistical analysis of big data brings seemingly limitless opportunities to improve business results by predicting customer behavior, preventing fraud and waste, predicting maintenance events, reducing cost, predicting medical outcomes and hundreds of others.

As many open source R, SAS, SPSS and users know, big data + predictive modeling often leads to data and computational scale that is difficult, if not impossible for existing solutions to achieve. If you’re running SAS, SPSS or open source R on desktops or servers, you’ve probably encountered one or more of the following barriers:

  • Inability to process large data sets due to memory or computational limitations
  • Unable to meet turnaround times for model building and/or scoring
  • Insurmountable delays due to moving large volumes of data between systems
  • Inability to quickly deploy predictive models into production
  • Inadequate flexibility or inability of commodity based architectures to coexist with production environments
  • Complex problems encountered when migrating big data analytics to larger systems
  • Painfully expensive upgrades to overcome any of these

Extend the Reach of R, the De Facto Standard for Advanced Analytics

Revolution R Enterprise provides breakthrough performance, scale, portability and innovation, providing users with a Big Data Big Analytics platform based on R, the de-facto standard for modern analytics. With Revolution R Enterprise or RRE, R users leverage existing R skills while RRE provides the performance, scale, portability and innovation unattainable on other platforms.

Breakthrough Performance & Scale for Big Analytics on Big Data

Revolution R Enterprise breaks through data size and performance-related barriers easily. With Revolution R Enterprise, or RRE, users can:

  • Eliminate out-of-memory conditions
  • Analyze data without moving it
  • Build models using large data sets
  • Build accurate models using ensemble techniques
  • Deploy models into production without recoding
  • Bring big data capabilities to users of SAS at comparatively low costs
  • Do analytical development for big data entirely in the R language

Vendor Information


Why Revolution Analytics?

With over 2 million users and growing, the open source programming language known as "R" has emerged as the new defacto standard for computational statistics and predictive analytics. Read the Revolution Analytics' Vision White Paper

Revolution Analytics (formerly Revolution Computing) was founded in 2007 to foster the R Community, as well as support the growing needs of commercial users. Our name derives from combining the letter "R" with the word "evolution." It speaks to the ongoing development of the R language from an open-source academic research tool into commercial applications for industrial use.

Through our Revolution R products, we aim to make the power of predictive analytics accessible to every type of user & budget. We provide free and premium software and services that bring high-performance, productivity and ease-of-use to R -- enabling statisticians and scientists to derive greater meaning from large sets of critical data in record time.

For customers such as Pfizer, Novartis, Yale Cancer Center, Bank of America, Motorola, Hess and others, our flagship Revolution R Enterprise product stands for faster drug development, reduced time of data analysis, and more powerful and efficient financial models.

Revolution Analytics' executive leadership represents some of the most respected and experienced names in statistical computing and open source business--with venture funding from Intel Capital and North Bridge Venture Partners.