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by Dell

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Category: Advanced Analytics Platforms

Product Description

The STATISTICA line of software consists of a fully integrated line of analytic solutions that were developed and refined over the past 25 years. During this time, feedback from hundreds of thousands of users helped shaped STATISTICA into solutions for many different industries across the globe. Our products have received the highest rating in every published (independent) comparative review in which it has been featured since its first release in 1993.

If you know how to use windows applications such as Microsoft Excel or Word, you already know how to use STATISTICA. There are no proprietary languages to learn, cumbersome imports or exports between platforms.

Customers can install STATISTICA as a commercial off-the-shelf solution.

Customers can customize STATISTICA to fit into their company culture. Industry-standard scripting languages, such as Visual Basic or R, can be used for configuration and customization. COM-compliant programming languages, such as C#, C++, Java, VB.NET, can call STATISTICA objects.

STATISTICA solutions were developed to get things done, to provide the fastest return on investment, best value, and uniquely useful and effective analytic, data management, graphics, and presentation tools to create predictable value quickly for you and your organization and applications.

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Since 1984, Dell has played a critical role in enabling more affordable and accessible technology around the world. As an end-to-end computing solutions company, Dell continues to transform computing and provide high quality solutions that empower people to do more all over the world.

We serve customers ranging from the world's largest businesses and public-sector organizations, to small and medium businesses, and individual consumers. We are deeply committed to serving our community, and the company has also received numerous accolades ranging from employer of choice to energy conservation awards.

At Dell, we promote an environment that is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit in which the company was founded. This means fostering an open approach to technology innovation that delivers effective solutions for all customer challenges. We believe technology is essential for human success and that it should be accessible to everyone.