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B2B Marketing Automation

by Silverpop

Product Information  

B2B Marketing Automation

Category: CRM Lead Management

Product Description

Lead Management

Engage helps B2B marketers close the loop between marketing and sales and drive higher revenues through lead management features that encompass lead-information capture, scoring, routing and monitoring. A properly implemented lead-nurturing program prevents leads from being lost through “leaky sales funnels” and decreases customer acquisition costs. When marketing departments work in concert with sales to understand and focus on the importance of providing quality leads rather than merely a large quantity of leads, they enhance sales productivity and contribute measurable and attributable ROI for their marketing programs. By integrating marketing strategy with sales execution and deploying the right tools and techniques, marketers can ensure that sales and marketing share a common understanding of the lead-to-sales process, helping to build a more productive relationship.

Silverpop’s Engage Lead-Management features include:

  • Flexible Lead Scoring—By strategically scoring leads based on criteria such as Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline (BANT), and demographics like state, company size, or revenue—you can segment and define your ideal buyer. Easily create a lead scoring model to best match your unique criteria of prospects.
  • Easily Identifiable Lead Ranking—Apply labels to your lead scores and help your sales team identify which leads are highly qualified. Find out what demands your prospects’ attention by focusing only on highly qualified leads.
  • Automated Lead Routing—Enable your sales team to focus its time and energy on leads that are ready-to-buy your products and services. Automatically route marketing-qualified leads based on scores or ranks, and eliminate the lead-distribution bottleneck that occurs with manual processing.
  • Easy Integration—Engage Lead-Management easily integrates with your CRM system to completely automate the lead-to-sale process.
  • Automated Alerts—Automatically trigger messages to your sales' email inbox when a lead turns sales ready.
  • Greater Visibility—Obtain complete transparency into the sales readiness of your prospects. With Silverpop’s On-Demand Reporting, be ready to make fully informed, strategic decisions. Know where to place emphasis, or make improvements in the lead-management process.

Lead Nurturing

Not all prospects are immediately ready to buy. But when they are ready, you want to make sure your brand is top of mind. By utilizing Silverpop's lead-nurturing capabilities, you can enable prospects to learn and interact at their own pace, while guiding engaged prospects successfully through your sales funnel—educating them about your product and company. Silverpop’s lead nurturing is backed by a world-class email automation system. At the end of the day, if your nurture emails aren’t getting to the inbox, your efforts are wasted.

Utilize Silverpop’s Lead Nurturing, so you can:

  • Execute automated lead-nurturing campaigns with multi-touch communications
  • Automatically score leads based on user-defined criteria and route qualified leads to sales
  • Raise revenue opportunity by warming previously unused marketing leads
  • Increase closed deals by allowing sales to focus solely on qualified leads
  • Expand the lifetime value of customers by offering additional products or services via ongoing communications
  • Track and analyze results by tying sales directly back to lead-nurturing campaigns, which generates demand

Vendor Information


Silverpop is a digital marketing software company focused on helping marketers transform the customer experience— increasing engagement and driving revenue. Silverpop makes this possible by using customer data and each individual’s behaviors to inform and drive every interaction in real time. In today's customer-driven marketplace, Silverpop allows marketers to capture more customer behaviors from more sources than any other vendor and helps them easily leverage those behaviors to automate highly personalized interactions at scale. The company is also committed to allowing marketers to seamlessly integrate with best-in-breed technology solutions--giving marketers a nearly limitless number of choices.

With strong roots in email and marketing automation, Silverpop's vision has evolved to offer more efficient processes for marketers and more engaging experiences for customers. With email as the strong foundation for a multichannel program, Silverpop has expanded its focus on tools and techniques that capture customer behavior and leverage automation to drive highly relevant customer communications that have greater conversion rates. The company brings together the best features of email marketing and marketing automation, built on top of a robust database that can easily automate highly personalized marketing interactions.

Silverpop is based in Atlanta, with offices in Irvine, Ca, London and Munich as well as an extensive global reseller network. The company has about 2,000 customers, representing 5,000 brands.