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by Genie Networks

Product Information  


Category: Network Performance Monitoring

Product Description

GenieATM 6000-ISP

An Advanced Network Traffic Mining System to Provide Decision Support on Network Service Operation, Network Security Reinforcement on Locating Problems Instantly, Powerful Traffic Analysis with Flexibility, and Various Traffic Statistics Reports.

As the networks of today grow in complexity, Network Service Providers need a more efficient network management system to integrate traffic analysis information including Flows, SNMP polling, and BGP routing respects for operation and business decision-making. Moreover, increasingly-rampant deliberate attacks have seriously impacted and threaten the network service performance as well as the operation of information system.

GenieATM 6000, a flow-based solution to collect network-wide traffic for data mining and anomaly detection, is designed especially for carrier-grade network with high capacity and high performance. It automatically generates various pre-defined traffic reports and detects abnormal network behaviors, DoS/DDoS attacks, and unusual routings from interior or exterior networks; alerts will then be sent out to network operators for actions in time. Meanwhile, GenieATM 6000 also provides powerful Snapshot and Forensic tools which support the integration of 3rd-party devices to promptly intercept anomaly traffic.

DeploymentDistributed Architecture with Centralized Control

With the distributed architecture design, GenieATM 6000 not only can easily collect large-scale network flows but also simplify system configuration management. In addition, GenieATM 6000 is flexible for phased equipment (GenieATM Collector) adjustments based on the need of network and traffic scale hence effectively reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).


Vendor Information


Founded in June 2000, Genie Networks Ltd. (Genie Networks) has been a leading technology company providing network traffic analysis and security solutions for optimizing the performance and lowering the operation costs of large networks. Our GenieATM product lines leverage IP Flow technologies to provide customers network-wide visibility into data traffic trends and in-depth traffic attributes, enabling them to better plan, manage and engineer their networks. Our GenieATM embeds a comprehensive set of network behavior analysis (NBA) based anomaly detection engines so that it can identify anomalous traffic and guard against security threats such as DDoS attacks and worms in network-wide scope.

We develop and market network behavior analysis and intelligent network management solutions. Our customers include Service Providers/Carriers, Government Organizations, Universities, and Enterprises (Financial Services, Manufacturing, etc.).To date, more than 1,200 GenieATM network appliances have been deployed, serving nearly 600 customers worldwide. Our solutions have been successful in helping its customers to increase their return on network investment by managing their network operational and management requirements cost-effectively.

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, we have R&D centers in Taiwan with regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Taipei. We market our products through a combination of direct sales force and channel partners worldwide.