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AppNeta PathView

by AppNeta

Product Information  

AppNeta PathView

Category: Network Performance Monitoring

Product Description


Network health monitoring over any network

Make sure the network is fast and reliable, no matter what application it supports.

Monitor Any Network Without Impacting Production

Monitor into hosted services, IaaS, PaaS and Web applications: PathView is built into the core of the IP stack, so if you can ping a target, you can see everything.

PathView’s always-on monitoring

gives 1-minute granularity on latency, data loss, and jitter, stored for up to a year.

The real-time monitoring

Is extremely lightweight, so you can understand the performance of your critical applications without slowing them down, even on low capacity connections like Satellite or virtualized environments.

Correlate Application and Network Performance

Understand the network end-to-end by actively monitoring entire network paths. Get insight into even cloud providers’ networks by sending & receiving precisely timed network traffic, assessing performance in real time.

Create application SLAs based on the application: voice traffic might require low jitter, but datacenter connections need high bandwidth.

PathView’s continuous stream of performance insight is compared against your application-specific SLAs, so you will know exactly when network performance impacts your application performance.

Easily customize your proactive alerting based on timce-of-day and day-of-week thresholds.

Find and Fix Problems Fast on Any Network

PathView was built to automatically run diagnostic tests when poor performance is detected to pinpoint the locations & cause of more than 80 network faults, even if they’re occurring on devices you don’t own or control.

Diagnostics identify at which hop issues are originate and the likely cause, even in distributed networks like MPLS.

Root cause analysis is triggered automatically by violations of your application-specific SLAs, so you will know exactly when network performance impacts your application performance.

Validate that QoS is being honored at every hop, even over the Internet.

Vendor Information


AppNeta is the Full Stack Application Performance Management (APM) technology leader, providing integrated performance visibility into the application code, through the network, to the end user.

AppNeta's SaaS solutions give Development, Application and IT Operations teams broad, detailed performance data to see across their web, mobile and cloud-delivered application environments and pinpoint tough performance bottlenecks.

With AppNeta, customers have all of the performance data they need to assure ongoing and exceptional delivery of business critical applications and end user experience.