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by kCura

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Category: E-Discovery Software

Product Description

Collection a smarter way to collect your data

Relativity makes it easy to target and collect the right data.

Relativity Collection is a fully integrated, easy-to-use application that allows you to perform targeted collections of select documents or forensic images via email, in-person, or with a portable drive. By using a unique scout feature, you can quickly and remotely analyze file names and other system metadata on a custodian’s computer, providing you with a complete picture of what’s available for collection. Case teams can then make informed decisions on what data they need before initiating the collection.

Relativity Ecosystem

Relativity is a platform that allows litigation support professionals, independent consultants, and third-party software providers to design, build, and integrate applications to extend its functionality. The Relativity Ecosystem includes best-in-breed integrations and highly customized products that were built by Relativity developer partners and the advice@kCura team. It allows users to pick and choose the solutions that best suit their unique workflows, integrating them to more easily and efficiently transfer data between software packages that serve different stages of the e-discovery process.

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kCura develops web-based e-discovery applications for managing large volumes of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations.

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We work hard to ensure we’re building great software and developing our products to tackle e-discovery challenges.

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We love spending time with our users, learning how their needs are changing, and solving their day-to-day challenges in creative ways. We're building software to make their lives easier.

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We all work together to develop, grow, and continuously improve our software. We're a motivated and collaborative group.