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by Thinking Phone Networks

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Category: Unified Communications as a Service

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Tell me about it. Leave those huge upfront capital costs and ongoing IT maintenance headaches behind. ThinkingVideo cloud bridging delivers enterprise videoconferencing services without the need to buy, install or support the costly conferencing infrastructure associated with premises-based video systems.

Collaborate more. Speed decision making by enabling collaboration among distributed knowledge workers, customers and business partners. Video-enabled meetings allow more face-to-face communication to enhance relationships with colleagues and customers by strengthening bonds in-between personal visits, telephone calls, email and instant messages.

Available everywhere. No need to be tied to a desk or conference table to have a video call. Sometimes you need to be on the road. Our video bridge supports mobile devices so in-field team members can connect easily with the home office or customers worldwide.

It’s about balance. Balanced budgets. Balanced lives. Save money and reduce wear and tear on employees at the same time by eliminating unnecessary travel.

Application integration for real presence. ThinkingVideo bridging services are fully integrated with our ThinkingSuite unified communications portfolio for mobile, voice, presence and more.

Be there virtually. Compared to audio conference calls, video communications can greatly enhance relationships and improve productivity.

Connect with anyone, anywhere…at any time. Our video bridging is standards-based so you can join into face-to-face meetings naturally, using any H.323 compliant source. It doesn’t matter to us. What does matter is that you get to meet with the people you need to.

Multipoint videoconferencing. Interact with up to six participants in real time.

Choose your vehicle. Mobile, room system, desktop video or auditorium solutions are available. See and be seen your way.

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Tell me about it. With more than 4,000 global enterprise sites under our belt, we get it. And CIOs in a range of industries have told us we get them. We know that you and every other business executive today are under pressure to attract and retain customers and grow revenue, while at the same time control and even reduce costs.

You need to analyze and revolutionize business processes, including leveraging your organization’s intelligence—anytime, anywhere. You need to be agile, to scale and adapt fluidly to fit your changing business realities. And you need to be present 24/7. In a nutshell, you need to think smarter than ever about information technology and its critical role in connecting increasingly distributed, increasingly mobile workforces.

It starts with smart people. We have a group of really smart, streetwise people who care about what you are trying to accomplish. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. But when it comes to creating intelligent solutions to the communications challenges you face every day, we take our job very seriously.

Add a smart idea. We brought together this tenacious group of entrepreneurs to solve a riddle: “How do we address the mess of legacy, premises-based communications systems out there that have enterprises handcuffed to aging, inflexible, and costly IT infrastructures?”

To attack the problem, we knew the first thing we needed to do was to think differently. The answer to our riddle, we reasoned, would not be found in the historical way of doing things. So we abandoned the old school, turned to the cloud, and started with a fresh canvas and a plan to build a platform for open communications services, without boundaries.

The result is a smart, flexible solution. Built from the ground up, our comprehensive cloud-based communications powerhouse is transforming how enterprise companies get things done in today’s dynamic realm of global, mobile, visual, and distributed workspaces.

Thinking Phone Networks delivers an intelligent cloud software platform with flexible APIs designed specifically for thought leaders and visionaries, like you, resolute in making your unified communications vision a reality. With our open-architected platform and entrepreneurial bent, we have the freedom to work with you every step of the way to define your UC vision, align it with strategic business objectives, and deploy it smartly from the cloud.