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Halogen Talent Management Suite

by Halogen Software

Product Information  

Halogen Talent Management Suite

Category: Human Resources Software
Category: Learning Management Software

Product Description

Talent management solutions for building a world-class workforce

Halogen TalentSpace is more than software. It offers a complete suite of talent management solutions, alongside a comprehensive service set, best-practice resources and a vibrant user community, all brought together to help you build a workforce that's aligned, inspired and delivering on your business strategy.

Vendor Information


A world leader in Talent Management with a refreshing approach

You expect a world leader to deliver great products, have a long list of prestigious customers, win industry awards and recognition… With Halogen Software, you get all that.

But you also get something different… something unique and refreshing even. What sets Halogen apart is our relentless customer focus. We not only make great products, we deliver outstanding value and delight our customers.

Our mission is to help each of our customers build a world-class workforce that is aligned, inspired and delivering exceptional results.

It starts with powerful, simple, affordable products…


Building all of our products from the ground up has allowed us to provide our customers with unique and powerful functionality, as well as a better user experience. It’s also allowed us to ensure every module we develop drives employee performance.

Because that’s what talent management is really all about: helping people perform brilliantly.

Our complete and organically-built suite makes it easy for our customers to align their talent strategy with their business strategy, so they can achieve exceptional results.

We're also the only vendor to offer vertical editions that go deep into solving the unique business problems faced by the healthcare, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, education, public sector and hospitality sectors.

…Then goes above and beyond

We also provide all our customers with a comprehensive set of services, best practice resources, and a vibrant user community. Together with our exceptional products, these form what we call the Halogen TalentSpace™.

It’s everything you need to ensure your success.

We truly want to help you be brilliant at talent management.

It’s why we’re ranked #1 in customer satisfaction year after year

Halogen’s business focus and approach to customer success has been recognized by every major business analyst covering the talent management market. They’ve all ranked Halogen the leader in customer satisfaction.

What’s behind it all? Great people

Our carefully nurtured corporate culture sets us apart because it fosters commitment, passion, and a sense of community. In fact, Lizz Pellet, talent acquisition advisor/educator, culture/branding expert, and master facilitator, says "Halogen has something special".

In a recent interview, Lizz spoke spontaneously about what she saw as our thought-leadership, mindfulness and corporate culture.

Success built on outstanding value

At Halogen, we’ve not only organically-built our talent management suite but also our business success. We didn’t "buy" our success, customer base or market share through acquisition. We earned it by providing outstanding value to our customers.

Now that you know a little bit about us, tell us about your organization and how we can help you achieve your talent management goals.